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Management Advice for Non-Japanese Managers in Japan

Managers who are trying to restructure the company
Managers who are damaged by earthquakes and other natural disasters and calamities

What we will do together is to refocus on your strengths and product line-up.
I will help you review your products, advertisement, sales promotion, website pages both in Japanese and in English.

Area: All over Japan

  • † non-Japanese self-employees
  • † managers of small companies, restaurants, factories, etc.
  • † managers who are trying to turn around the company profitable

I will visit your company first to grasp the situation and discuss face to face, and help you till your company gets on its track.


  • 0.1% of the current capital amount or minimum charge ¥30,000- (including 8% consumption tax)
  • Travelling expense: Free in Tokyo. Other areas: please cover the actual travelling fee & hotel charge.

Please feel free to contact me.

Nakayama Kunitaka


  • ♤ Learnt English in London.
  • ♤ Export of spare parts to Korean steel mills and of wood chipping factory.
  • ♤ Sales manager of steel pipes in Singapore branch office of Argentinean steel mill.
  • ♤ Worked at real estate company for non-Japanese customers.
  • ♤ Translation (factory daily report, contracts, essays, etc.).
  • ♤ Helped successfully business transfer from Japanese semiconductor maker to Singaporean one 2013-14.
  • ♤ Development of Nepali rural villages since 2010.
  • ♤ Indian steel mills' joint ventures.

Recent Clients:

< 2011 >

  • Canada TV crew in Tokyo and Chiba area in Mrach just after the earthquake: interpretation
  • Toronto Star reporter in March in the earthquake and tsunami-attacked areas: interpretation
  • Microsoft Japan for internal training programmes: interpretation
  • Nirvanam (Tokyo) Indian restaurant: translation and consultation, since 2009
  • Narula Travel Group (travel & corporate relocation) (India): translation of the corporate brochures and other documents
  • Mr. Bahi JD (Austria): translation of the website for an animation artist & director
  • Lotos Goldbrillen Gmbh (eyeglasses industry) (Germany): interpretation & consultation for the presidential negotiations
  • Prominent Translation (Hong Kong): translation of various documents


< 2013 >

< 2013-2014 >

  • SV Probe (Singapore) & Tokyo Cathode Laboratory Co., Ltd. (Japan) interpretation, mediation and translation for the closing negotiation process of Business Transfer Agreement, transition of business and establishment of a new company under the cooperation with Tokyo Cathode Laboratory Co., Ltd. (transferor)
  • - Daily negotiations and assistance for the procedures at all the departments of General Affairs, Accounting, Sales, Production, Purchase and Technology
  • - Liquidations of subsidiary companies in and out of Japan
  • - Presentation at the bank
  • - Mediations at the lawyer's office
  • - Arrangement for tenders of its main factory and office building
  • - Negotiations for establishment of a new company
  • - Negotiations with suppliers
  • - Translation of daily mails, contracts, various corporate and legal documents

< 2014 >

  • SV TCL K.K. (established by SV Group): interpretation for management meetings and translation works
  • Prominent Translation (Hong Kong): translation of the documents such as follows
  • Hong Kong barbeque cooker manufacturer: company presentation file, cooker manual
  • Hong Kong battery manufacturer: company introduction, rechargeable battery manual

< 2015 >

  • Attending a model on counselling of cosmetic surgery (Singapore)
  • East View Information Services, Inc. (U.S.A.): interpretation for new collaboration
  • Fuji Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. (joint tapes, adhesives manufacturer) (Japan): negotiation with representative in UK
  • Japan Machine Network Company Limited (exporter of used machinery):negotiation at Japan-Indonesia Business Convention
  • Shree Radhe Industries Limited (sponge iron plant) (Maharashtra, India): made business plan for investors
  • made presentation document for a ductile iron pipe plant in Andhra Pradesh, India

< 2016 >

< 2017 >

  • Prominent Translation (Hong Kong): translation & subtitling of new employees orientation videos of a medical instrument manufacturer.
  • Prominent Translation (Hong Kong): translation & subtitling of new year greeting video of a Hong Kong hotel.
  • Prominent Translation (Hong Kong): translation of investment reports of an investment fund

< 2018 >

  • Prominent Translation (Hong Kong): translation of Hong Kong hotel restaurant’s flash card poster
  • helped establishing business relationship between a car exporter in Kobe and a car importer in Singapore

Nakayama Kunitaka


Nakayama Kunitaka (Nakayama is family name.)
Tokyo Fuchu-shi Oshitate-machi 1-35-71-305
Mobile: 090-5788-5682

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