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I am helping communication between Japanese and non-Japanese.

I am helping communication and establishing relationship between Japanese and non-Japanese using my English skill as translator, interpreter, mediator, representative.


  1. JP¥5,000-/hour (inclusive of domestic consumption tax) in case of translation, interpreting or any assignment charged hourly.
  2. 1% of the amount of the invested capital of the project, as success fee (minimum JP¥250,000-). Details to be discussed.
  3. Others: to be discussed.


  • ♤ Learnt English in London.
  • ♤ Export of spare parts to Korean steel mills and of wood chipping factory.
  • ♤ Sales manager of steel pipes in Singapore branch office of Argentinean steel mill.
  • ♤ Worked at real estate company for non-Japanese customers.
  • ♤ Translation (factory daily report, contracts, essays, etc.).
  • ♤ Helped successfully business transfer from Japanese semiconductor maker to Singaporean one 2013-14.
  • ♤ Development of Nepali rural villages since 2010.
  • ♤ Indian steel mills' joint ventures.

Recent Clients:

< 2011 >

  • Canada TV crew in Tokyo and Chiba area in Mrach just after the earthquake: interpretation
  • Toronto Star reporter in March in the earthquake and tsunami-attacked areas: interpretation
  • Microsoft Japan for internal training programmes: interpretation
  • Nirvanam (Tokyo) Indian restaurant: translation and consultation, since 2009
  • Narula Travel Group (travel & corporate relocation) (India): translation of the corporate brochures and other documents
  • Mr. Bahi JD (Austria): translation of the website for an animation artist & director
  • Lotos Goldbrillen Gmbh (eyeglasses industry) (Germany): interpretation & consultation for the presidential negotiations
  • Prominent Translation (Hong Kong): translation of various documents


< 2013 >

  • East View Information Services, Inc. (U.S.A.): interpretation for new collaboration
  • Prominent Translation (Hong Kong): translation of various documents
  • SV Probe (Singapore) & Tokyo Cathode Laboratory Co., Ltd. (Japan) interpretation, mediation and translation for the closing negotiation process of Business Transfer Agreement, transition of business and establishment of a new company under the cooperation with Tokyo Cathode Laboratory Co., Ltd. (transferor)
  • - Daily negotiations and assistance for the procedures at all the departments of General Affairs, Accounting, Sales, Production, Purchase and Technology
  • - Liquidations of subsidiary companies in and out of Japan
  • - Presentation at the bank
  • - Mediations at the lawyer's office
  • - Arrangement for tenders of its main factory and office building
  • - Negotiations for establishment of a new company
  • - Negotiations with suppliers
  • - Translation of daily mails, contracts, various corporate and legal documents

< 2014 >

< 2015 >

  • Attending a model on counselling of cosmetic surgery (Singapore)
  • East View Information Services, Inc. (U.S.A.): interpretation for new collaboration
  • Fuji Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. (joint tapes, adhesives manufacturer) (Japan): negotiation with representative in UK
  • Japan Machine Network Company Limited (exporter of used machinery):negotiation at Japan-Indonesia Business Convention

< 2016 >

  • European engineer-dispatching company: helped capital tie-up of JP¥500million (USD5million) with a Japanese dispatching company (participation into the Japanese market)
  • Krish Compusoft Services Pvt Ltd (India) : helped business tie-up & capital tie-up with Japanese IT companies

< 2017 >

  • Prominent Translation (Hong Kong) : translation & subtitling of new employees orientation videos of a medical instrument manufacturer.
  • Prominent Translation (Hong Kong) : translation & subtitling of new year greeting video of a Hong Kong hotel.
  • Prominent Translation (Hong Kong) : translation of investment reports of an investment fund

< 2018 >

Nakayama Kunitaka


Nakayama Kunitaka (Nakayama is family name.)
Tokyo Fuchu-shi Oshitate-machi 1-35-71-305
Home: 81-423-60-8031
Mobile: 81-90-5788-5682

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