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Utopia Limited

Director: Nakayama Kunitaka  
Year of establishment: May, 2000
  1. Consultancy on joint venture, M&A, business transfer, alliance, investment between Japanese company and non-Japanese company
  2. Investment in overseas projects
  3. sale of copyright
  4. the activities pertaining the above
Address: Tokyo Fuchu-shi Oshitate-machi 1-35-71-305


1971 Born in Tokyo. NAKAYAMA Kunitaka
1987 Joined and left high school as I got bored just after three months... I studied English in International House in London (for a month).
1988-89 Passed the University Entrance Qualification Examination held by the Japan’s Ministry of Education (this is equal to the graduation certificate of high school). Studied English in International House again in London (for 5 months).
1990-92 Worked in Japan Machinery Company Limited in Ginza, Tokyo (a medium sized machinery trading company) . In Overseas Division in charge of exporting machinery to Korean steel mills (various types of spare parts of mills) and wood chipping machines and plants to Korea (trained at the maker's factory in Japan and promoted in Korea with Korean representative and the maker and participated a machinery exhibition held in Korea.)
1993-97 Waseda University. Faculty of Political Science & Economics, graduated, majored in political science and minored in economics.
1997 Joined Japan Machinery Company Limited, Overseas Division again.
1998 Joined Siderca Singapore Private Limited, the branch office of Siderca, an Argentinean steel pipe manufacturer for oil & gas industry, as sales manager in the ASEAN region.
1999 Joined Father’s real estate company mainly for foreign expatriates.
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic Overall Band 7.5
2000 Established my own company Utopia Limited (me alone) for translation, interpretation, Japanese language teaching, etc.
2006 Started to teach Japanese to foreigners in Tokyo.
2010 Established NGO Nepal Development in Tokyo.
2011 Started interpretation for various cases
2013-14 Interpretation, translation & mediation for business transfer from Tokyo Cathode Laboratory Co., Ltd. to SV Probe Pte. Ltd.
2016 Helped a European engineer dispatching company’s capital tie-up of JP¥500million (USD5million) with a Japanese dispatching company (participation into the Japanese market)
2017-18 Please refer to World page.


Nakayama Kunitaka (Nakayama is family name.)
Tokyo Fuchu-shi Oshitate-machi 1-35-71-305
Tel : 0423-66-3070 (your call is automatically transferred to my mobile phone.)

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